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A Monyet Sees: Daulat vs The Room vs House of Cards(ish)

2020.06.25 06:25 jst4reddit A Monyet Sees: Daulat vs The Room vs House of Cards(ish)

A Monyet Sees: Daulat vs The Room vs House of Cards(ish)
IMPORTANT EDIT: Forget what I said about Daulat being watchable. Watch Babi! by HOOQ instead, goddamn that is some brilliant stuff! Watch it if you can get over the low budget but be prepared to wish that was a series you can watch right now.
It happened again. After the disastrously absurd Cupid Co, iFlix has once again shown something that inspired so much passionate rage within my soul. It is with my infinite displeasure optimism that I must introduce Daulat, a political thriller so atrociously bad, that I had to pause several times just to process my abject shock and disbelief (also to take note of the myriad of names that get bounced around). The idea that people actually think that Daulat represents a step forward for Malaysian filmmaking is absolutely ridiculous, and clearly shows that we as an audience have just not seen any good Malaysian movies. It’s a House of Cards sham, with all of the cliches but none of the logic and even less common sense.
So once again if you're not used to one of these, this is an especially long one because I love Daulat as much as I hate it, and it took me a while to properly condense my thoughts. For those of you who believe this represents a step forward in Malaysian filmmaking, take a gander and let me show you why you're wrong.
TLDR Fantastically produced with a superb premise, Daulat is RUINED by piss poor directing, yet a must see for Malaysians for its sheer comedic value. So why watch something good, when you can watch something Malaysian?
I feel almost dirty for putting House of Cards next to these
Daulat's story is a hot mess. It's barely explained yet assumes a lot from the audience in terms of out of movie knowledge, none of which is even used effectively. It's a movie that pats itself on the back for daring to cover Malaysia’s political ministrations in the most contrived of ways, yet fails to show any real bite when it comes to actual themes, social critique or commentary. But how is that even possible? How does one make a political movie that addresses none of the political problems within the system nor the societal context that enables it? Daulat that’s how.
I can see why FINAS wouldn’t stand behind this movie, not so much for its political portrayals but because this ‘movie’ is a clown fiesta. Scenes are resolved with no subtlety or common sense, and are sometimes not even explained until much later, for all the wrong reasons. Characters are introduced and summarily tossed away, and even the characters you like just do the stupidest things for the sake of drama. As a final insult, the last scene dared to mimic House of Cards by having a character speak directly to camera, but with zero significance or threat behind the words.
To be effective or inefficient is the right inquisition??... WHO WRITES LIKE THIS????
So no, I refuse to compare this to House of Cards, because such a comparison is meaningless. House of Cards is by far the superior show, marred as it is by Kevin Spacey’s misconduct. To compare this to House of Cards would be like comparing an actual house of cards to a stone castle; a flimsy hole-ridden mess of a structure to a standing monument of magnificence.
One day perhaps, we will finally make something comparable. It's not this day.
No, I will compare this to The Room. No, not Room with Brie Larson), but The Room by Tommy Wiseau. It’s one of my favorite guilty-pleasure movies and an absolute must see. Now you might ask, what on Earth does Daulat and The Room have in common? Well upon reflection, a lot actually. Both movies were made with a lot of heart, with definite passion oozing from every frame. Both movies certainly did not intend to be comedic, but are actually hilarious upon watching. Both movies have characters that speak with some weird accents, and bizarre performances by the actors/actresses. Both also share a loosely strung together story, barely explained and unnecessary characters and laughable scenes that just end, expecting the audience to just accept the logic as it is. They’re both shockingly awful in the best way possible, and boy let me tell you Daulat is an absolute cringe to watch in the wrong mindset.
Like try taking the movie seriously. In the first 5 minutes, there is a scene where they just sit down and play chess while going over their plans despite having just lost an election. Like what the actual fuck? Who does that?? See, a metaphor like this is usually easy to swallow, but the movie plays it so unironically straight, it’s preposterous.
Are we to believe this is something normal human beings do after having suffered a staggering defeat?? It plays out like some supervillains scheming from the golden age of comics and that’s when it hits you... You slowly come to the realization that despite such a somber and serious tone, this movie must actually a comedy, that the scene is a joke, and then you laugh at the pure absurdity of it. Comedy gold.
MUNA unite! Conduct evil! Heheheheheh!
So what's Daulat, and why can't I just take it seriously? (Spoiler Free)
Daulat has a plot so convoluted I had to go through 3 rewrites just to figure out how to piece together this mess. To preface, I won't comment on the alleged political symbolism or coincidences, but will fully judge this 'movie' on it's merits as such.
Succinctly, Daulat attempts to weave three storylines-
Hassan & Suri (MUNA)
Hassan played by Tony Eusoff and Suri played by Vanidah Imran
Hassan & Suri are the leaders of MUNA which has just lost the election because of complacency and Hassan's corruption scandal. They go on to discuss their ‘political maneuverings’ to reaccrue power for MUNA, and plan to do this by getting the rural vote, creating a liberal party and dividing the opposition. They achieve this by having a backdoor meeting (singular) and then leaking news about a potential collaboration between them and HM, the dominantly Islamic party. Let it be known Suri is not married to Hassan but to Idrus, a fact that is not apparent until like 20 minutes into the movie. Hassan also has a daughter, Nadiya who is in Media Raya.
Then, because the plot needs to happen, Suri invokes Median Voter Theorem like it’s some kind of deus ex machina, and the movie barely shows how it's even relevant to the political scene. But who cares because poof! they get votes, and we got to get this show on the road.
Idrus & Nadiya (Media Raya)
Nadiya played by Cristina Suzzane and Idrus played by Rashidi Ishak
Idrus and Nadiya are what I can only assume are majority shareholders in Media Raya, a news organization that needs to pivot to an online streaming news portal to keep up with the times. They need capital to do so, and so Nadiya gets some of it from her daddy (Hassan), and the rest of it from an angel investor named Ramzi. Nevermind how they came to this sum or it would be spent on, Nadiya just needs the money okay. It's important to the plot.
The portal then gets shut down for sedition despite having done nothing in the movie (I guess that’s realistic) and Nadiya can’t pay back the loan because of it. Don't you dare ask how much time passes, there isn't enough runtime to establish that. So Ramzi understandably demands his money back, and shenanigans happen. There’s also the minor sub plot of rival Jason who randomly offers to buy them out, and Weird Guy (WG) who planted cameras in their bedroom, despite being aware of CCTV having recorded him being there? I don’t fucking know, we got to keep the story going!
How is this a line for a shady character???
Jasmin (Reporter for Media Raya/Ho)
Jasmin played by Jasmine Suraya
Jasmin has a dad who is sick. He needs money for surgery. What surgery? How dare you ask that, the man is dying! All you need to know is that the doctors told her it costs RM100k. She decides to sleep with Idrus in order to get the position of GM to pay for the surgery. She then becomes the GM despite having worked at Media Raya for only 6 months, and despite being GM, still goes on the ground to take statements from ministers, and write articles?? Leading by literal example I see. The dad recovers. She develops feelings for Idrus for no reason whatsoever. Oh did I mention she has an obnoxiously loud colleague?
To go deeper into the plot is hysterical, so that’s all I can surmise for you to understand the basics of Daulat. Just know that Jasmin is either the best or worst part of the movie, depending on whether you see it as a comedy or political thriller.
Daulat oh Daulat...
That said, you are drawn by strong performances from Vanida Imran as Suri and Sangeeta Krishnasamy as Melissa. These two are easily the most compelling out of the entire cast of jokers characters, with a special mention to Suri in particular despite also having some of the cringiest scenes in the movie. Melissa also exudes charisma, but is very unfortunately only present in limited scenes despite stealing every one that she appears in. The script through these two characters reveal glimpses at brilliance, and is probably the only thing that stops me from saying that the script is garbage. The cinematography as well is spot on stellar, with some vivid imagery as well as some great production design, lending Daulat a visual extravagance that feels almost out of place when paired with the actual content.
Sangeeta Krishnasamy as Melissa is extremely good
But perhaps the words ‘attempt to weave three storylines’ is a bit strong of an insinuation, as that would imply that the characters contribute to each other’s plots in a meaningful way. They do not. They are at best minor inconveniences to one another, and at worst a deus ex machina to wrap up scenes because, fuck it why not? The show must go on, and fuck me if I expected any sort of character progression or arc.
I mean take a look at Jasmin’s dad. His literal existence in the movie is to be sick, and get better. At no point, does he establish nor reinforce any character traits or progression for Jasmin. At most, he is the motivating factor for Jasmin to get money, but the movie doesn't seem even remotely interested in going any deeper than 'father is ill', so neither should you. There's no scene where he's explaining the realities of being Chinese in Malaysia, no scene where he challenges her principles, no scene where he even asks where she gets all that money from. Seriously??
Her loud colleague Aimi on the other hand, his literal existence is for exposition & comic relief. Actually scratch exposition, as that entails that he progresses or explains the plot, neither of which he does not. So you might think, okay you know clearly he's portrayed as the stereotypical flamboyant soft male. Maybe at some point he gets beaten, harassed, or used as a tool for the political machine. Maybe he even gets to challenge the audience's expectations as the flamboyant character! But no no didn't I tell you that Daulat is a comedy? Why would you expect any different? He's just there to lighten the mood, jeez dial your expectations way back. Ni kan cita Malaysia?
Gurrrrrrlllll, I'm such an unnecessary character!
Seriously though, instead of barebone basics like character introductions & progression or even basic timeline acknowledgement, we get these two poor excuses for characters for no reason at all. What a joke.
So how about The Room?
The Room is like that accident you see on the roadside. It’s shocking and horrific, and watching it, you only get more questions than you will ever get answers. You also know that you shouldn’t be watching it, but you just can’t help it. It’s a flaming wreck that inspires awe for all the wrong reasons, yet it’s also probably the most memorable thing you will see that day. It’s a romantic drama film, written & directed by the ever enigmatic Tommy Wiseau, who only adds to its mysterious charm and allure. To watch The Room is to watch the ‘Citizen Kane’ of bad movies; so tragic is it’s execution it becomes a majesty to behold.
I did naht hit her, it's not true, it's bullshit! I did not hit her, I did nahhht. Oh hi Mark.
It’s that film you may have inadvertently already seen snippets of, between the many videos you may have encountered online. You will also be surprised to know that The Room has quite a star studded fan base, from JJ Abrams to James Franco, the latter of whom made The Disaster Artist, one of the best films of 2017. Despite being a behind-the-scenes portrayal of one of the worst movies ever made, The Disaster Artist even got an Oscar nomination, and I guess a similar comparison would be if the behind-the-scenes video for Suamiku Jatuh Dari Langit got an Oscar nomination. Such is the power and mystery behind The Room, but let there be no mistake, The Room is a piece of shit film, but one that you can’t help but watch because it’s such a trainwreck.
The movie revolves around Johnny (Tommy Wiseau), his fiancee Lisa (Juliette Danielle) and his best friend Mark (Greg Sestero), and a love triangle of sorts. What ensues is scene after scene of bizarre narrative technique, rife with continuity and technical errors that pertains throughout the entire movie. There isn’t much to say about the plot as there is barely one, and you go through an absolute roller-coaster of emotions watching this. At first you get insulted that you’re watching this garbage fest, but slowly, you get amazed. After all, how can a movie that makes every mistake in the span of 99 minutes, still retain so much heart? What was the director thinking? Who is the director even? Then you look him up and before you know it, you're enthralled with the mystery of it all and recommending this movie to everyone as the worst most entertaining movie you'll ever see.
An actual scene from the movie.
If you haven’t seen The Room, know that it’s a testament to the human drive and the filmmakers dream to forge on in spite of everyone telling you it’s crap. It’s a monument to the unbelievable things human beings can do when their mind is set, for better or worse and any aspiring filmmaker must definitely see it, as a movie that spectacularly gets everything wrong and is wildly entertaining for doing so. You want an experience? Watch it with your friends and have a raucous laugh.
Comparing Apples to Apples
So I bring up The Room because watching Daulat inspired the same emotions I had watching the worst movie ever made. You watch Daulat and at first you are truly disappointed, maybe even repulsed. Here we had the chance for a serious political movie to show or comment on the social inequities that drive politicians to act and say the things they do, but it only ever scratches the surface. As you watch, your brain is inundated with ever more questions of 'Why?', 'Who?', 'What?' and 'How?!' and the frustration mounts as you watch some of the most gorgeous shots get betrayed by the absolute piss that is the directing.
Look at that absolutely gorgeous shot for absolutely no reason
This comparison between these two very unlikely movies began when I started to notice striking similarities in how plots are introduced but never really resolved, and how there are unnecessary characters introduced only to be summarily discarded. There's Jasmin's father as one example, but two other such examples are
Aimi vs Peter
Dayumm gurl, I'm so unnecessary!
So Aimi is Jasmin's colleague. All he does is loudly (and obnoxiously) announce her motivations and plot, even though this is not needed as the audience already knows this from the fact that her father is sick. At one point, Aimi even gets to provide a little background into Jasmin's career, but this information is not even relevant to the story nor her character. Like okay, she's new to the company, but she gets what she wants anyway. In fact when she's wrestling with the moral dilemma of being a mistress to Idrus, Aimi just straight up disappears for the movie even though his role would have been perfect to explore the ramifications of cheating on Jasmin's character. Peter on the hand is randomly introduced, never shows up again after a few scenes YET manages to be a conduit for Johnny to express his feelings while also deducing that Mark is seeing Lisa, angering him thus building upon Mark's character. I never thought I would type these words, but Peter from The Room is a better minor character than Aimi is in this movie.
Ramzi vs The Drug Dealer
A gentleman on one hand and drug dealer on the other.
So The Room has this character of a drug dealer, who asks for money from Denny for drugs. He literally shows up, threatens Denny and is chased away quickly, and that’s all we ever get to see of this plot and character. Ramzi on the other hand is set up as this angel investor Nadiya needs to talk to in order to get money to fund Media Raya’s new streaming initiative. He’s insinuated as this shady character, but as he does nothing remotely illegal in this movie he’s more like an investor who is understandably fed up with people not paying money back. So when Nadiya receives some pictures of her kid, it’s implied that Ramzi sent these pictures. But this can’t be, as the movie shows Ramzi doing nothing illegal, going as far as to paint him a gentleman?? He even bothers to send solicitor letters for crying out loud!! What?!
He is eventually shot and killed by Hassan after they talk for like 1 minute, for refusing a deal of repayment despite this making more than double his investment. What?! This is actually pivotal, as this murder provides Suri with the video evidence to make Hassan step down from MUNA. Because we have no idea how much time has passed, I just have to assume this all just happens in at most months (no character appearances change that much), which all the more reinforces the fact that it's an extremely reasonable deal?! What businessman wouldn't take that kind of deal?! Ah wait you must mean Suri got to him and pulled some expensive strings! But where is that scene in the movie??
The biggest gap in logic is that Hassan had a bodyguard right there, yet didn’t ask him to do the shooting for him?? (Uh, kinda reminds you of a certain incident anyone???) And yet when he asks the bodyguard to settle the body, the bodyguard does not strip it of all identification and valuables thus not finding the camera???? (I guess the incompetence is also eerily accurate) What the actual fuck is going on? How can anyone take this movie seriously? It's a goddamn tragedy comedy.
Chris G as unnecessary as he is at least has less room for error because he just shows up. In comparison, look at all these plot holes Ramzi leaves behind! Could they not just have engineered a different scenario to entrap Hassan in?? Honestly, Ramzi as a character is completely unnecessary, and should have been combined with Jason to make one character instead, Ramzi the angel investor. God fucking dammit.
And from apples come oranges
But like The Room the magical happens. You just can't stop watching. Your mind works overtime as it searches the heavens & the stars for any rational reasoning as to how something this well produced can lack so much logic.
Did I judge Daulat too harshly?
Is the raw ineptitude perhaps a sly commentary on the idea that yes, our political scene is a shitshow and even attempting to portray it realistically makes zero sense? Is this perhaps even some advanced propaganda that the previous government funded? After all MUNA comes out so positively in this. Perhaps it's some kind of meta commentary that perhaps because Malaysians are so incompetent the movie is but a reflection of reality? Or maybe it's some next level parody, hilarious because that's just the Malaysian way of doing things? After all Wawasan does nothing all movie except bitch and moan and infight, which is only too eerily accurate.
Unfortunately, no.
Then you remember stuff like House of Cards exists and reality slaps you like a ton of bricks. Daulat is terrible, terrible, terrible fan fiction. How is it that House of Cards is able to fit not only a character arc for Frank Underwood but to also have character introductions in their 1 hour pilot? House of Cards within the first 15 minutes is able to aptly show their 3 primary storylines while Daulat still hasn't shown that Suri and Idrus are married. Why, instead of subtly crafted dialogue does Daulat choose to instead have some ridiculous subplots with hidden cameras?? In fact, due to Wawasan's non presence, why even have an opposition to begin with?! In House of Cards the Republicans don't even really show up until Season 2, and look at how focused that made their story!
Daulat instead makes very serious yet feeble attempts to show you how Machiavellian politics can be, but truthfully when you watch it, what did MUNA (Suri by extension) actually do that warranted such symbolism? Suri got the news leaked about HM and MUNA coming together? Please. That she managed to force Melissa as her to create the liberal party? Cunning sure, but the scene plays it out as more common sense than anything (especially given how much charisma the character of Melissa is afforded). Oh! How about that Suri used voter median theorem to convince her board of directors to create the liberal party? Sigh.
Machiavellian implies cunning, unscrupulous behavior and a fastidious character that does what needs to be done in order to preserve one’s position of power. What Suri does in Daulat holds no candle to that kind of illegality, and neither does she do anything overtly manipulative given how much of a non-presence Wawasan has in this movie. The movie makes it seem as if you merely whisper some rumors and Wawasan tips over (which is quite accurate now that I think about it), but this makes Suri's struggle neither compelling nor Machiavellian. Honestly I’m a little insulted as the viewer that the director would presume this, much less shoot an entire scene where she pays him a homage.
In fact, Hassan is the more suited character to have him honor Machiavelli as he is revealed to have laundered money, with the implication that he used this money to make his daughter a majority shareholder in Media Raya. He is also the one who orchestrated the planting of the cameras and even pins the blame on Idrus, a stupid but cunning strategy to avert attention. Even funnier is the fact that Suri takes the bait despite Idrus planting the camera making absolutely no sense. Hassan's rivalry with Suri forces to him take the extra steps to preserve his power and to keep his family safe, and it's easily the most compelling relationship in the movie because of the back and forth. So how is Hassan not the guy honoring Machiavelli?? Where’s the logic?? In fact, wouldn't a great twist and triumph over symbolism would be to to show Hassan the worshipper of outdated Machiavellian politics be triumphed over new age pragmatism and intelligence through Suri?! What a wasted opportunity.
In Summary
I can even excuse poor plots and logic if at least the themes or symbolism is thought provoking, but Daulat clearly lacks balls. It constantly dances on the surface of complexity, instead of delving deeper to ask hard questions like: What is the public perception of Malays going to bars, or drinking at company events? Is it something we the general populace just accept? What about the treatment of people who are soft like Aimi? Are we just going to relegate such roles to being comic relief? What about medical bills and how the pressures challenge people to seek alternative treatment sometimes leading people to get conned into MLM medicines that are subsequently owned by politicians? Why not address these things instead of delving into some misguided attempt to show the 'real' machinations of Malaysia’s political machine? See if Daulat addressed the voting shenanigans before GE 18, that would have been brave and an actual portrayal of Machiavellian politics. That’s the brave movie I thought I was watching instead of this poor excuse for a political thriller.
If anything this shows that it's a step forward in audience expectations and producer risk-aversion while being a step backward in actual filmmaking.
Let me finish by saying this was apparently shot in 14 days on a budget of RM500k, which is a fantastic result. I’ve worked on movies that had twice the time and triple the budget yet couldn’t match the raw beauty of some of the shots in Daulat. No doubt many of the plot holes can be attributed to this short time and budget, so in spite of all my words I gotta say you gotta watch Daulat for its achievements in spite of such. I look forward to seeing more from Imran Sheikh, as works like this shows promise and encourages producers to take risks. But to reiterate, telemovie directing brings it all down, and let this movie serve as a lesson to why the director is one of the most important people on set.
I implore Malaysians to watch it, mostly because this is a movie that got so many things right yet ended up being a comedy of tragic proportions. Watch it because it looks beautiful, watch it because it does tackle Malaysian politics. Watch it because you can see the result of blood, sweat and tears when led too much by the heart but not enough mind. Finally watch it, because honestly, this is an extremely entertaining comedy, and while it may not be Malaysia's House of Cards, it is sure Malaysia's The Room.
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